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IFR exercise "Seven Worlds" in the 6th harmonic environment

For IFR students practicing Exercise 2: Melody, this is a demonstration of the exercise Seven Worlds on the cello. Leticia Aparicio demonstrates the exercise improvising in the 6th harmonic environment. She builds the scale up note by note, visualizing each step along the way using the IFR Tonal Map.

Exercises like this one allow us to get to know the sounds of our musical system, and learn to express our own music with these sounds. As you practice Seven Worlds, remember to keep your focus on the creative part. Our practicing isn't just about learning to play these sounds in any key. That's an important skill to have but it won't do you any good if you don't have anything of your own to express with these sounds.

So the most important aspect of our practicing is to discover what each of these sounds means to YOU. Take your time and enjoy discovering all of the beautiful sounds and melodic possibilities waiting for you in the 6th harmonic environment. This is the most important thing that we can learn from Seven Worlds.