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Exploring the 3rd harmonic environment

In this excerpt from the IFR Jump Start Program, Jelske Hoogervorst demonstrates a series of creative activities that we use to study each harmonic environment of the major scale.

Visualizing the tonal map on the trumpet

I have been practicing the IFR exercises for half a year and it's great how I am progressing! One of my obstacles is that I still imagine notes and lines from a music staff, instead of the numbers of the chord notes as you describe in your exercises. Is there any way to switch from one image to the other?

How to visualize musical intervals on the flute

I just purchased your book from Amazon and would like to clarify a point. When the exercise says to visualize all five notes at once on my flute, does this mean the sound or the letter name of the note?

Should I start IFR on the clarinet or the piano?

I had very poor piano instruction as a child and spent most of my adult life trying to self-teach on the piano. Nine months ago I took up the clarinet and my progress has been really good. I have more experience on the piano but now my main interest is the clarinet. Do you think I should practice your method on the clarinet, on the piano or both?

Developing freedom of movement on the fingerboard

I have bought your learning materials and I am reading your e-book right now. For Exercise 1, I notice that there are special versions for guitar and bass. How about for violin? Should I use the version for guitar?

How does the IFR method apply to the bass?

I am a bass player with about 15 years of rock band experience whose first love has always been smooth jazz. I am working to move in that direction but my improvising skills are weak at best. I want to know if your book would help this bass player realize his goals of being able to improvise at will and gather a much better musical understanding.

Should I start with the video course or the e-book?

I'm debating whether I should buy the IFR e-book or the IFR Video Course for Guitar. Can you tell me what is included in each one, and what are the pros and cons of each?

IFR practice video: Chromatic inspiration
In this lesson Mireia Clua walks you through many great ideas and inspirations for practicing IFR Exercise 1: Landscape.
IFR exercise "Staircase" with half steps

In this video Miguel 'Pintxo' Villar demonstrates the IFR Staircase exercise on the tenor saxophone using the interval of the half step.

IFR exercise "Staircase" for trumpet

Alvar Montfort demonstrates the IFR 'Staircase' exercise on the trumpet with jazz phrasing.