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IFR video lesson: Chromatic inspiration

In this lesson Mireia Clua walks you through many great ideas and inspirations for practicing IFR Exercise 1: Landscape.

Developing freedom of movement on the fingerboard

I have bought your learning materials and I am reading your e-book right now. For Exercise 1, I notice that there are special versions for guitar and bass. How about for violin? Should I use the version for guitar?

The fear of mediocrity

As the years go by, sooner or later you ask yourself, “If at my age I still haven't composed a masterpiece, then am I mediocre? Is it worth continuing in music?”

IFR improvisation exercise 'Seven Worlds' on cello

For IFR students practicing Exercise 2: Melody, this is a demonstration of Seven Worlds on the cello. Leticia Aparicio builds the 6th harmonic environment note by note, visualizing each step along the way using the IFR Tonal Map.