improvisation coach for string instruments

I offer private lessons for violin, viola and cello players who want to be able to understand music by ear, create their own melodies and play in social settings without depending on sheet music. No matter what your technical level is, I will show you how to develop your creativity as a fundamental part of your learning.


video of lesson on the 12 bar blues

In this video I explain how we would approach the 12 bar blues in the IFR method, and how you can learn to improvise your own melodic solos over the 12 bar blues harmony.

I have bought your learning materials and I am reading your e-book right now. For Exercise 1 there are special versions for guitar and bass. How about for violin? Should I use the version for guitar?

As the years go by, sooner or later you ask yourself, "If at my age I still haven't composed a masterpiece, then am I mediocre? Is it worth continuing in music?"


video of IFR Exercise 2 on the cello

For IFR students practicing Exercise 2: Melody, this is a demonstration of Seven Worlds on the cello. Leticia Aparicio builds the 6th harmonic environment note by note, visualizing each step along the way using the IFR Tonal Map concept.