trombonist practicing IFR

Improvise for Real is now being used by both students and teachers in more than 20 countries. The method has been described as a totally different way to learn about music and improvisation. But what makes it so different?


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video of IFR Ex. 2, sixth harmonic environment on tenor saxophone

For IFR students practicing Exercise 2: Melody, this is a demonstration of the exercise Seven Worlds in the 6th harmonic environment. Miguel 'Pintxo' Villar explores the harmonic environment on tenor sax.

(drawing of a metronome)

I'm currently practicing the IFR exercise Seven Worlds and I'm not sure how much time I should spend in each harmonic environment before advancing to the next. Is there any guideline?

(image and quote about practicing music)

Even if you don't have as much free time as you would like, you can still enjoy a deep and meaningful connection with music every single day. Your pleasure and satisfaction aren't necessarily about "how long you practice" but about how completely you allow yourself to get lost in the experience.


The IFR Jump Start Program is a 12 week online course that includes video lessons, homework assignments, Facebook live sessions and personal feedback and coaching. It's designed to give you the best possible start in the IFR method.