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How does the IFR method apply to the bass?

I am a bass player with about 15 years of rock band experience whose first love has always been smooth jazz. I want to know if your book would help this bass player realize his goals of being able to improvise at will and gather a much better musical understanding.

Cloud exercise for bass

In this free video lesson, I show you the first step in the IFR method for bass. The exercise is called "Cloud" and it teaches you to visualize all of the notes on the neck of your bass as one continuous chain of half steps.

How to finger the Cloud exercise on upright bass

Can you explain how I should finger the Cloud exercise on an upright bass? Thanks!

Mobility exercise for bass

In this lesson, we learn to apply the IFR Cloud concept in a slightly more abstract way that allows us to move freely all over the fretboard by half steps.

Mobility, part 2 (whole steps)

In this lesson, I show you how just a small alteration to the Mobility technique allows you to move all over the neck of your bass by whole steps. Once you've mastered both half steps and whole steps, you're ready to jump into IFR Exercise 2: Melody.

How to compose bass riffs on the spot?

I play in a blues band and quite often I need to compose bass riffs spontaneously to support the guitarist. How can I get better at doing this?