Our History

The first thing to know about our history is that we are music lovers just like you. And just like you, we always dreamed of truly understanding music and being able to enjoy creating it ourselves.

In my own case, this quest led me on a long personal journey that included playing jazz music in New York and Los Angeles, tango music in Buenos Aires, and African sacred music in Senegal and in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. But as strange as some of these experiences might sound, each one provided a critical missing piece of the puzzle about how modern harmony works.

The method

The IFR method itself was developed over the course of about seven years between 2004 and 2010. During this time I was teaching musical improvisation for all instruments in Barcelona, Spain. The IFR harmonic concept and all of the essential creative exercises are the result of this intense period of research and experimentation in Barcelona.

But a complete description of the method would only come later, in the fall of 2011 when I published the book "Improvise for Real". Since that moment the IFR project has never stopped growing. It now includes our website and social media, an active community of passionate, creative musicians, and a complete set of learning materials based on the IFR method.

Our mission is to enable every person in the world to discover the thrill of improvising. We believe that everyone has a beautiful voice that the world needs to hear. And we believe that the musicians who follow their own imagination are the ones who change the world. We want to help you discover your own musical voice and to share it with the world.