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Should I start with the video course or the e-book?

I'm debating whether I should buy the IFR e-book or the IFR Video Course for Guitar. Can you tell me what is included in each one, and what are the pros and cons of each?

Join my chord melody workshop

Learn to play and improvise in chord melody style in this 12-week online group course. Beginners welcome! Through step-by-step creative exercises and my personal coaching, you'll learn to express yourself creatively in chord melody style on the guitar.

Beyond CAGED

Thank you for writing your book. I really like your philosophy. Can you explain the difference between the IFR system and the CAGED system?

Visualizing larger intervals on the fretboard

Sometimes when you are soloing, it's easy to see the notes immediately surrounding you but it's hard to picture instantly a note that's farther away. In this video I show you how you can learn to visualize larger intervals on the fretboard.

Cloud exercise for guitar

In this free sample lesson from the IFR Video Course for Guitar, you will learn the very first step to developing complete freedom of movement on the guitar.

Jumping strings without getting lost

I am having difficulty keeping my place when I skip strings. I don't want to fall back into just memorizing scale patterns. I know it takes time to break old habits, but what would you recommend I focus on so I don't get lost as much and develop an effortless flow with the scale degrees?

Mobility exercise for guitar

In this free sample lesson from the IFR Video Course for Guitar, you will learn to move freely all over the neck of your guitar by half steps.

Introduction to chord melody on guitar

In this lesson I demonstrate what chord melody technique is and how it will enrich both your soloing and your accompanying. I also teach you the first step to building a complete chord melody technique on the guitar.

Chord melody practice in all chords

In this video I'll show you how to approach your daily chord melody practice so that you can develop the same creative freedom in chord melody style that you have when you are playing single-note melody lines.

Get ready for my chord melody workshop

In this video I'll teach you a fantastic creative exercise for learning to see the chord notes in the music all around you. This is the ideal preparation for my upcoming chord melody workshop. (Full details in this post.)