Testimonials and published reviews of Improvise for Real

IFR testimonial - Larry Basirico

"Improvise for Real has helped my improvising more than anything else I've ever studied."

Larry Basirico (guitar)
Burlington, North Carolina
IFR testimonial - Pathik Strand

"IFR is an exciting and original way of learning music, and should be seriously considered by anyone who wants to express themselves freely through the art of music."

Pathik Strand (clarinet)
Sheffield, England
IFR testimonial - Michael Sokolowski

"You can take the smallest bite out of this method and gain the nourishment to feed your musical quest for weeks at a time."

Michael Sokolowski (piano)
Charlottesville, Virginia
IFR testimonial quote

"I am just 5 or 6 weeks into the course and it's already having a profound effect on my playing."

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IFR testimonial - Alex Mulero

"Your method gave me what I had always heard about but never understood how to actually do: to play the music inside me."

Alex Mulero (guitar)
Pallejà, Spain
IFR testimonial - Alexandre Desbois

"Your method was the missing piece that I needed to express my full potential."

Alexandre Desbois (piano)
Nancy, France
IFR testimonial quote

"It's among the best music books I've ever come across. Reed's perspective immediately opened doors that I didn't know existed."

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Musa Blacksun testimonial

"Improvise for Real opened my eyes to a musical world that I previously thought was difficult to attain."

Musa Blacksun (flute)
Boulder, Colorado

“This method is by far the best music learning system I have ever experienced.”

Benny Elie Levi (guitar)
Lod, Israel
IFR testimonial quote

"David could have easily named this book ‘The Tao of Music’. I am a professional musician teaching at university level, and this is the greatest book on music I have worked with in my 25 years."

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David Stacey

"I haven't enjoyed simple practice this much in years!"

David Stacey (trumpet)
Arcata, California
IFR testimonial - Marie Cécile Baritou

"This book gave me the courage to work happily in a project of French music, a rock band and a film score. I use it with my students and their faces light up!"

Marie Cécile Baritou (piano) - apprendre-a-jouer-du-piano.com
Bordeaux, France
IFR testimonial quote

"I've been playing for 10 years and this book has restructured my entire conception of music and my instrument. Truly a revolutionary road to understanding music."

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IFR testimonial - Jose Antonio Plaza

"IFR is brilliant. A refreshing and positive tool for my improvisation classes."

Jose Antonio Plaza (guitar)
Valladolid, Spain
IFR testimonial - Natalija Kostic

"IFR is simple yet profound. David supports people to find and express their own creativity freely."

Natalija Kostic (guitar)
Kragujevac, Serbia
IFR testimonial quote

"The first, last and only book on music you ever really need."

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IFR testimonial - Vanessa Guimarães

"With IFR, practicing is fun and it's actually hard to stop."

Vanessa Guimarães (piano and guitar)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
IFR testimonial - Cyril Lambert

"I am always searching for new teaching methods and IFR is the best I have ever seen."

Cyril Lambert (piano)
Cape Town, South Africa
IFR testimonial quote

"If you’re looking to be able to improvise freely, this is the course to take."

review posted on cafesaxophone.com
Alejandro Corrales testimonial

“IFR has become my favorite method and the one I practice most. I recommend it enormously to all musicians who want to take their improvising farther.”

Alejandro Corrales (guitar)
San José, Costa Rica