This is the place to start. This 250 page illustrated e-book contains the complete IFR method for all instruments. Master the art of musical improvisation through creative exercises that empower you to explore and discover our musical system for yourself. Learn to understand the sounds in the music all around you and improvise with confidence in any musical situation.

Price: $49

Sing the Numbers is our audio course that teaches you to recognize musical notes by ear. The course takes you on a guided tour through the sounds of our musical system, using beautiful songs and melodies that were specifically designed to train your ear. Sing the Numbers is IFR's artistic ear training course for creative improvisers.

Price: $24

This is the the first set of jam tracks that all IFR students should have. You will learn the seven harmonic environments of the major scale, which will prepare you for improvising over chords and chord progressions. Seven Worlds focuses on developing your own creative voice and learning to express the sounds you imagine.

Price: $15

Even if you are a complete beginner to the blues, this course will give you everything you need to truly master blues harmony and enjoy improvising over the blues. Learning to play the blues will enrich every aspect of your playing, and it will give you countless opportunities for creative jamming with other musicians.

Price: $49

Master the complete chord progressions to five of the best-known jazz standards commonly played in jam sessions. See the "inner workings" of the harmony and learn to improvise with confidence over these beautiful songs. You get a complete harmonic analysis of each standard in the IFR tonal language that you already know, with 60 backing tracks so that you can practice soloing over each tune in all twelve keys.

Price: $20

IFR Standards Workout 2 focuses on developing your creative freedom as an improviser. We've chosen five beautiful standards that all contain long stretches, circular progressions and vamps which are ideal for very creative improvising. You'll learn several new harmonic concepts that build on what you learned in IFR Standards Workout 1, and you'll learn different techniques for seeing beyond the chord changes to understand the overall harmonic flow. Each tune comes with jam tracks in all 12 keys.

Price: $20

The IFR E-book Package gives you everything you need to get started in the IFR method with a 25% discount. The Improvise for Real e-book contains the complete method for all instruments, and IFR Jam Tracks Levels 1 and 2 let you practice improvising your own solos at each step of the method.

Price: $59

Guitar players have the option of learning through our step by step video course. Every step of the method is taught in video lessons with demonstrations on guitar. If you have always dreamed of truly understanding music and being able to improvise with complete freedom on the guitar, this is the course for you!

Price: $149