IFR Standards Workout 1

IFR Standards Workout 1

Master the complete chord progressions to five of the best-known jazz standards commonly played in jam sessions. See the "inner workings" of the harmony and learn to improvise with confidence over these beautiful songs. Includes complete harmonic analysis, creative insights and backing tracks in all 12 keys.


IFR Standards Workout 1

  • Are you fascinated by the sophisticated sound of jazz standards and jazz improvisation?
  • Are you trying to connect scales and arpeggios to make a solo, but it just isn't musical?
  • Do you wish you could improvise over jazz standards and truly express yourself creatively?

Expand your IFR practice to the beautiful world of jazz standards!

IFR Standards Workout 1 is a complete harmonic exploration of five well-known jazz standards, designed to help you truly master the harmony to these songs so you can enjoy improvising over them at jam sessions. Every chord progression is identified and analyzed in the IFR tonal language you already know, and the musical accompaniment tracks let you practice soloing over each tune in all twelve keys.

The five standards in this collection are the ideal starting place for the IFR student who is interested in jazz improvisation. All five of these tunes are based entirely on the very first chord progressions that we study in IFR Exercise 4: Mixed Harmony. Here are the tunes you'll be improvising over:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Black Orpheus
  • All of Me
  • There Will Never Be Another You
  • Blue in Green

Each standard is a complete lesson

More than just a collection of jam tracks, the IFR Standards Workout series is designed to introduce you to the beautiful world of jazz improvising in a progressive way, with each standard being chosen for the musical lessons that it will teach you. This series represents what we feel is the ideal way to build a deep understanding of jazz harmony and find your own creative voice working with this material.

For each standard you'll get a complete IFR tonal analysis with every chord progression sketched out for you, and lots of interesting ideas to explore in your improvising. Below are some examples, which are actual screenshots taken from the course:

IFR Standards Workout 1 screenshot 1 IFR Standards Workout 1 screenshot 2

IFR Standards Workout 1 screenshot 3 IFR Standards Workout 1 screenshot 4

*Please note that for copyright reasons, we cannot include the melody to these songs in our analysis. While the melodies to these songs are very beautiful and certainly worthy of serious musical study, our focus in this series is on exploring the harmony and learning to improvise over the chord changes.

Backing tracks in all 12 keys

For each standard we give you a complete set of high quality backing tracks in all 12 keys. If you're a beginner, you can play in the keys you're most comfortable with. If you're more advanced, you can target the keys you especially want to work on. Playing tunes in more than one key is one of the fastest ways to truly understand how music works, and it's one of the benefits of the IFR method. Each jam track includes special versions for bass and piano so you can practice playing the bass lines and chords yourself.

Here are some samples:

Autumn Leaves

Black Orpheus

Blue in Green

Download the complete course today

The entire course costs just $20. You can access all of the lessons and audio tracks online at our website or download the entire course for your offline use. Each lesson can be downloaded as a PDF containing all text and illustrations, with mp3 backing tracks in all 12 keys. All materials are yours to keep forever.

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