Chord Melody Guitar 1

Chord Melody Guitar 1

Chord melody is the "master ability" on the guitar, unlocking its full potential and allowing you to play with the same freedom as piano players. You'll learn to improvise melodies and chords together on the fretboard, giving you endless creative possibilities in your music.


Unlock the full creative power of the guitar!

  • Do you wish you could play totally unaccompanied solo guitar and create a complete musical experience for your listeners?
  • Would you love to improvise both melody and chords together like jazz piano players do?
  • When you see guitarists adding chords effortlessly to their improvised solos, do you wish you could do the same?
  • Would you love to create your own arrangements of your favorite songs for solo guitar?
  • Would you love to have a complete system for composing your OWN music on the guitar?

Chord Melody - The "Master Ability" on the Guitar

Chord melody is the master guitar ability. It means being able to control melody and chords together, allowing you to improvise with the same creative freedom that piano players enjoy. You can create your own arrangements of your favorite songs, or improvise entire compositions off the top of your head.

When you see guitarists playing in this way, you might think that it's very difficult to control so much music at once! You might even think that these guitarists are simply beyond your level.

But that's not true.

Chord melody playing is one of the EASIEST and most RELAXED ways to play the guitar, because of the total creative freedom that it gives you. You just need a system for learning to combine all of these elements naturally in your playing.

This course will teach you:

  • How to combine bass, chords and melody in an easy, natural way
  • How to improvise with complete freedom in chord melody style
  • How to practice chord melody technique in a way that is free and creative right from the start
  • How to arrange songs in chord melody style for totally unaccompanied solo guitar
  • How to use chord melody guitar as an incredible tool for learning about harmony
  • How to use your new chord melody ability as a complete system for composing your own music
  • How to keep growing even after this course, adding new chord progressions to your chord melody repertoire

18 video lessons - Work at your own pace

This course is divided into 18 video lessons. Each lesson will teach you the next level of our chord melody practice. You'll start by learning to control the bass note while you are improvising melodically, and later we will add chords to this framework. By the end of the course you'll be improvising in full chord melody style over the four most important chords in popular music.

With these chords you can already play hundreds of songs in full chord melody style. But more importantly you will learn the process for adding new chords on your own. So by the end of this course, you will be able to learn any new song or chord progression and add it to your chord melody repertoire. The practice itself is relaxing, fun and totally creative, and you'll be improvising your own music right from the very first day.

Testimonials from past students

"This course was a breakthrough in my guitar practice! I saw other guitarists improvising freely with melody and chords and I had no idea how to get there. This course gave me the answer. I was able to build a practice, very simple at first, that made me connect more deeply with the sounds I was playing. It's such a fun and relaxed process, and my practice grew naturally to a level I couldn't even imagine at the beginning." - Attilio Provenzano (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

"This course taught me how to be creative and play the guitar like an orchestra where all of the musicians can participate independently or together. As you gain experience with this method, you begin to see the guitar in a very clear way that allows you to quickly become very creative. Chord Melody Guitar is a course that I recommend for anyone who wants to understand and play the guitar creatively." - Kelbinson Martinez (Orlando, Florida)

"This course could change your whole way of thinking about harmony on guitar. It is an exploration of basic harmony through a functional exploration of the sounds, with improvisation at the core. The pace of the course is slow enough for beginners but if you are a more advanced player this course is open to your creativity. Thanks, David!" - Jean-Marc Sabourin (Montreal, Canada)

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