IFR E-book Package

IFR E-book Package

The ideal starter kit for your new improvisation practice. The Improvise for Real e-book contains the complete IFR method for all instruments, and our sequential jam tracks will lead you all the way up to improvising over your first chord progressions.


IFR E-book Package

The IFR E-book Package gives you everything you need to get started in the IFR method in a discount bundle package. The Improvise for Real e-book contains the complete method for all instruments, and IFR Jam Tracks Levels 1 and 2 will lead you up to improvising over your first chord progressions.

Below is a complete description of everything included in this package:

Improvise for Real - The Complete Method

Improvise for Real e-book

This 250 page illustrated e-book in PDF format contains the complete IFR method for all instruments. Master the art of musical improvisation through creative exercises that empower you to explore and discover our musical system for yourself.

You will learn to understand the sounds in the music all around you and to improvise with confidence in any musical situation. And you will learn to express your own music, playing directly from your musical imagination.

Get past the theory and unlock your creativity

Instead of giving you rules and formulas about what notes you are supposed to play, Improvise for Real empowers you to discover and master ALL of the sounds of our musical system. Through a creative daily practice that feels more like the martial arts than a typical music course, you will gain a deep understanding of modern harmony that enables you to weave your own melodies effortlessly across any song or chord progression.

Used in more than 20 countries by students and teachers alike, Improvise for Real is considered by many to be the definitive system for learning to improvise. The exercises are easy to understand and fun to practice. You will learn the entire landscape of modern harmony from simple blues and pop music to the most sophisticated jazz compositions. And you will learn to play your music, expressing yourself with complete confidence in any musical situation.

IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven Worlds

IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven WorldsThis is the first set of jam tracks that all IFR students should have. You will learn the seven harmonic environments of the major scale, which will prepare you for improvising over chords and chord progressions.

This collection of jam tracks was designed specifically to teach you the seven harmonic environments of the major scale. We composed each track to highlight the subtle differences that make each harmonic environment unique. This means that as you're jamming over these tracks, you're also learning to recognize each harmonic environment by ear.

Experience each harmonic environment in 3 totally different ways:

Meditative. The meditative tracks give you lots of space for deep contemplation of the sounds. These tracks are ideal for getting to know the sounds for the first time.

Modern. The modern tracks let you hear each harmonic environment in pop style like the music you hear on the radio. These tracks will help you discover the beautiful melodic possibilities that each harmonic environment offers you.

Jazz. The jazz tracks let you really stretch out and follow your imagination. These tracks provide the ideal environment for more intellectual or abstract playing. Use these tracks to push the limits of your playing, both creatively and physically.

All jam tracks are provided in all 12 keys

Every jam track in this collection is provided in all 12 keys. (That's 252 backing tracks in all.) If you're just starting out, you can build your confidence in the keys that are easiest for you to play. If you're more advanced, you can target just the keys that you need to work on. And for the rest of your life, anytime you need to practice a particular harmonic environment you'll have backing tracks in any key you need.

Sample track - Meditative

Sample track - Modern

Sample track - Jazz

IFR Jam Tracks Level 2: Pure Harmony Essentials

IFR Jam Tracks Level 2: Pure Harmony Essentials

In Pure Harmony Essentials you will begin improvising over chord progressions. You'll learn the most important chord progressions that appear in popular music and you'll learn to weave your own melodies through the chords.

This collection focuses on the four most important chords in contemporary music. IFR students know these as the 1 chord, the 4 chord, the 5 chord and the 6 chord. In addition to mastering these chord concepts, you'll also be learning about more fundamental ideas like tension and release, suspension, mood and storytelling.

Each jam track is a complete lesson

Each IFR jam track is actually a complete lesson in harmony and improvisation. Each jam track builds on concepts that you've already mastered in earlier jam tracks, and each track is accompanied by illustrations, teaching notes and practice tips.

There are 15 different chord progressions in this collection, and for each chord progression we give you backing tracks in all 12 keys. (That's 180 backing tracks in all.)

Sample track - chords 1, 4

Sample track - chords 1, 4, 1, 5D

Sample track - chords 6-, 4

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