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How long should I practice Exercise 2 before moving on to Exercise 3?

Hey David,

I am totally immersed in your system and find that Exercise 2 will keep me busy for the next few months. I practice IFR every day for about one hour. What comfort level should I hope to achieve in Exercise 2 before trying to attempt Exercise 3?


David's response:

Hi Karan,

I would encourage you to spend at least a couple of months working only with the material in Exercise 2 before moving on to Exercise 3. But you don't have to torture yourself with the question of whether you have really "mastered" Exercise 2 before you move on, because in Exercise 3 you will also be reinforcing your learning from Exercise 2. Exercise 3 doesn't change the subject to switch to something totally different. In Exercise 3 we continue working with the same seven harmonic environments that you're studying in Exercise 2, but we begin to separate the notes into chord notes and non-chord notes. So your Exercise 2 knowledge will continue to grow as you practice Exercise 3.

I would just encourage you to wait because there is no reason to rush in life. There are some very nice things that you can discover in Exercise 2 and I think it's much more beautiful and exciting to make these discoveries before complicating your life with new concepts. So in general, I would always encourage you to go more slowly. Take your time and enjoy each moment.

Happy practicing!