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Am I ready for the IFR jam tracks?


I want to purchase IFR Jam Tracks Level 1 but I don't know if my current level of knowledge is enough to be able to use them. Right now I'm practicing IFR Exercise 2 and I'm in the Seven Worlds exercises. Do I need to go farther or is this enough to start improvising with the jam tracks?


David's response:

Hi Laurent,

You're absolutely ready for the jam tracks! We designed IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven Worlds to accompany your practicing in IFR Exercise 2. The jam tracks come with teaching notes that show you exactly how to build each harmonic environment on your instrument so that you can begin improvising over each track immediately. This is exactly what you are practicing in Seven Worlds, so this is the perfect time to get the jam tracks.

IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven WorldsI encourage you to begin using the jam tracks as soon as possible. They will greatly accelerate your learning and especially your ability to recognize chord changes by ear, because with the jam tracks you can really hear and feel how each harmonic environment sounds. This is one of the most powerful components of the IFR method and I encourage you to take advantage of it right from the beginning.

It's also great fun to improvise over nice musical accompaniments. I think you will enjoy the jam tracks enormously and that they will make the rest of your practicing much more meaningful.

Happy jamming!