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The universal musical mind

Bill Evans was a singular artist who made an enormous personal contribution to our modern concept of jazz piano. And yet at the same time, he saw very clearly that ALL human beings have an innate understanding of music, even if they don't yet know how to express that understanding through an instrument.

And so the first step to learning to improvise is to understand that the music you want to express is already inside you. Learning to improvise is not about memorizing a bunch of "licks" and formulas just so you can sound exactly like everybody else. It's about discovering the sounds of our musical system for yourself, and learning to create your OWN music with them.

In fact I think that the whole key to developing yourself as an improviser is to study music itself very deeply, but to stay away from materials offering you licks and patterns to use in your solos. What you really need is the opportunity to explore and discover our musical system for yourself, and the freedom to create your OWN music with these sounds. This is the path of Bill Evans and every other great improviser in history.

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