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The universal musical mind

Bill Evans was a visionary artist who made an enormous personal contribution to our modern concept of jazz piano. And yet at the same time, he believed that ALL human beings have an innate understanding of music, even if they don't yet know how to express that understanding through an instrument.

Bill Evans argued that we shouldn't try to copy the licks and solos of other musicians. And in fact we shouldn't even let other people give us rules and formulas for improvising. While all of this might look tempting to the beginner, what it leads to is only a superficial approximation of what other musicians are doing.

What we should do instead is to study the minimum. This means reducing music down to its most elemental structures and exploring these basic elements so deeply that we develop a true mastery of them. This mastery gives us a true foundation upon which we can build anything we want.

This is the approach we take in Improvise for Real. We start at the very beginning and show you our entire musical system. And every step of the way, you'll be exploring the sounds yourself and creating your own music with them.

This is the path of Bill Evans and every other great improviser in history.

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