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Be yourself and discover your own music!

The whole reason we are drawn to improvising is because it offers the promise of complete creative freedom. Finally we can express OUR music, and say what WE want to say. So isn't it ironic that the first thing we do with this freedom is to look for licks, patterns and formulas just so we can sound exactly like everybody else?

You don't need to copy anyone else's "licks" in order to make music. All human beings have the natural ability to imagine and create beautiful music. And improvisation gives you the chance to discover this part of yourself. But this can only happen if you allow it to happen. Licks and formulas might help to cover up your insecurities in the beginning, but they are actually a barrier to this personal discovery process.

What you really need is a clear understanding of our musical system so you can explore and discover it for yourself. Almost all the music you hear in your daily life is made from just seven notes and seven chords. Working with these simple materials, people just like you have composed thousands of songs that are loved and appreciated all over the world.

There is nothing preventing YOU from improvising and composing YOUR own music with these sounds too! All you need is a proper introduction to our musical system that allows you to see how simple it is, and how much you can do with it.

And that's just the beginning. Once you've mastered this basic set of sounds, then you can move on to the more advanced sounds that you hear in modern jazz and other progressive styles. But every step of the way, the key is to explore and discover the sounds for yourself, and truly learn to create your OWN music with them.

Creating your own music is so much more rewarding than just copying other people's licks and solos. Don't be afraid of the unknown! If we can't even be ourselves when we are playing music, then why play music at all?

Life is too short to waste time imitating others. Be yourself and discover your own music!

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