Discover your own musical creativity

Improvise for Real will teach you how to play your OWN music. Maybe you dream of improvising your own solos in concerts and jam sessions. Or maybe you imagine yourself jamming with friends at parties and expressing yourself with total confidence. Maybe you have ideas for songs and you would love to compose your own music. You can be doing all of these things much sooner than you think! All you need is a simple understanding of how music really works and how to connect with your own musical creativity.

guitarist practicing musical improvisationThese abilities don't come from memorizing other people's "licks" or studying music theory on paper. What you need is a deeper understanding of music that enables you to connect your ear with your instrument. In other words, what you really need is a creative daily practice that lets you understand music from the inside out, and truly create your own music.

Improvise for Real will take you into this beautiful world of sounds and show you how music and harmony really work. You'll learn to understand the sounds in the music all around you. And you'll learn to express your own musical ideas exactly as you hear them in your mind.

The desire to express your own music

If you are reading this, then you can probably identify with some of the following frustrations, which are a lot more common than you think:

  • Are you mystified by people who can pick up their instrument and immediately begin playing along with any kind of music?
  • Have you ever felt ashamed of your own musical ability, just because you couldn’t improvise over a particular song or couldn’t find the right notes?
  • Do you wish you could play your favorite songs off the top of your head without any need for sheet music?student struggling with music theory
  • Does your heart sink when you see a page full of complicated chord symbols, because you have no idea what’s really going on?
  • Do you feel like you're struggling to connect scales and arpeggios together to make a solo? Do you wish you could weave melodies effortlessly through the chord changes and truly express yourself creatively?
  • Would you love to be able to participate in jam sessions and feel totally confident and sure of yourself, no matter what’s going on around you?
  • Do you dream of being able to discover and express your own music, the music that lies deep inside your imagination?

You’re not alone!

Improvise for Real brings together musicians from all different backgrounds who share your desire to study music as a creative art form. We don't care about learning other people's licks and formulas. We want to express our own music. Our vision of studying music is rooted in the tradition of great art schools. We want to explore the sounds creatively and learn to tell our own musical stories with them. And we believe that our practicing can be beautiful and meaningful every time we play.

The problem isn’t you. The problem is the way you practice.

guitar and bass playing togetherEveryone can create music. The key to accessing this natural ability is to understand how to study music in the first place. You’re not going to develop your creative abilities if you are stuck practicing scales all day. If you want to IMPROVISE and COMPOSE and CREATE your own music, then you need a daily music practice that has you doing that!

With Improvise for Real, students learn about music through creating music. We study music through jamming, improvising and creating music ourselves. You’ll have complete creative freedom to make music however YOU want to at each level of the method. But the method is organized so that while you are jamming, you are also developing a deep personal mastery of harmony and improvisation.

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Everything you need in one method

guitarist improvising under a treeImprovise for Real is the world's first step-by-step method that teaches you to improvise your own music through progressive exercises that anyone can do. The method starts with very simple creative exercises that you can begin right away. Each exercise lets you master a very simple musical situation and you will learn to express yourself confidently in this situation. As you progress through these creative exercises, the method leads you on a guided tour of the entire world of modern harmony. And you'll be jamming, enjoying yourself and creating your own music every step of the way.

Improvise for Real brings together creativity, ear training, music theory and physical technique into a single creative daily practice that will show you the entire path to improvisation mastery. If you have always dreamed of truly understanding music and being able to improvise with complete freedom on your instrument, this is the course for you!

How is Improvise for Real different from other approaches?

A better harmony model. The biggest problem that beginning improvisers have with expressing themselves creatively is that they are trying to apply licks and scales to isolated chords, but this isn't how music works at all. When you listen to your favorite songs, what you hear is a lovely and effortless interplay of melody and harmony on a single musical landscape where everything is connected. With Improvise for Real you will learn to see this musical landscape and weave your own melodies effortlessly through the chords.

Creativity right from the start. In every other art form (painting, poetry, etc.) students get to experience the creative process as a natural part of their learning. It's only in music that this creative process remains shrouded in mystery, the exclusive domain of ancient "composers" and the occasional child prodigy. Improvise for Real is changing all of that. We believe that your own creative exploration of the sounds is essential. With Improvise for Real you will be improvising and expressing your own musical ideas right from the very first day.

Connection to the ear. We don't teach isolated fragments of music theory or random ear training exercises. Improvise for Real is an integrated music practice that combines creativity, ear training and harmony knowledge every step of the way. For each new harmonic situation that you learn, you'll spend lots of time exploring the sounds yourself improvising over our backing tracks, and you'll even sing the sounds with your voice as part of truly mastering them. The result is a deep personal relationship with harmony that allows you to understand music by ear and to play the sounds you imagine.

Music as a journey. We don't teach licks and formulas to help you try to sound like a pro overnight. We believe that musical improvisation is the most beautiful art form in the world, and we want to help you enjoy this art form for the rest of your life. What we teach is a journey that leads you through the entire world of modern harmony. But it's also a journey of your own personal growth as a creative musical artist. And so every step of the way, you'll be expressing yourself creatively and growing in your own ability to tell powerful musical stories on your instrument.

The Improvise for Real guarantee

We GUARANTEE that Improvise for Real will teach you how to improvise. The exercises are easy to understand and fun to practice. You will see how chord progressions work and you will learn to weave your own melodies effortlessly through them. You will learn to express your musical ideas in any key. And you will learn to play directly from your imagination, truly expressing yourself creatively.

We believe that the first 60 days alone will be life-changing for you. If you aren't completely satisfied with the method, just send us an e-mail within the first 60 days and we'll refund your money.

Choose from two great ways to get started:

IFR E-book Package
$88 $59
IFR Video Course Package
$237 $179