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How do more advanced jazz improvisers use the chord changes in their solos?

I really like your approach to improvisation. I'm curious, how do more advanced jazz improvisers use the chord changes in their solos?

How long should I practice Exercise 2 before moving to Exercise 3

I am totally immersed in your system and find that Exercise 2 will keep me busy for the next few months. I practice IFR every day for about one hour. What comfort level should I hope to achieve in Exercise 2 before trying to attempt Exercise 3?

Practicing IFR Exercise 2 with "Amazing Grace"

If I play popular songs like "Amazing Grace" with many different interval jumps in all 12 keys on my sax, is this a good way to practice IFR Exercise 2? Or does this complicate the idea?

Staying in control with Seven Worlds

I get confused and lose my place in Seven Worlds when I try to improvise too freely with the notes. Can you give me some advice on how to tackle this problem?

Do you see chords vertically or horizontally?

A new IFR student asks, "When you improvise over chord progressions, do you think of the chords vertically or horizontally?"

Why do you call it note 6?

I'm used to calling the root of a minor key "note 1" but I notice you often call it note 6. Why wouldn't we just call it note 1?

Can IFR be applied to the ukulele?

Can the IFR method be applied to the ukulele? How can I visualize the map of notes on the fretboard, given that the strings are tuned out of order?

Applying IFR to the banjo

I play the five string banjo with open G tuning. Yesterday I bought the IFR method book and I see that guitar and bass players use a special version of Exercise 1. Is there a special version of Exercise 1 for banjo?

Do you picture the IFR Tonal Map in Exercise 1?

Do you define the first note you play in your daily meditation exercise to be any note of the major scale? Or do you leave out that awareness of where you are on the tonal map for this exercise?

Is there an IFR app for analyzing sheet music?

Is there an IFR app for reading standard music notation and showing it with the IFR tonal numbers?