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The Beatles song "Yesterday" uses just two chords from outside the major scale. These two chords give the song its exotic touches making the melody so much more beautiful and memorable. In the IFR tonal analysis below, these are the chords 2D and 3D. We study both of these chords very deeply in IFR Jam Tracks Level 4: Mixed Harmony Essentials.


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Improvise for Real will show you how to improvise and compose your own original music. You'll learn how to write your own chord progressions, and how to create melodies that flow beautifully with the chords. All of the chords to the song above are covered in the following levels of the IFR Jam Tracks series:

IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven Worlds IFR Jam Tracks Level 2: Pure Harmony Essentials IFR Jam Tracks Level 3: Pure Harmony Advanced IFR Jam Tracks Level 4: Mixed Harmony Essentials