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Finding your own voice vs. transcribing solos

I see the importance of knowing the sounds from the tonal map and being able to sing what you play. However, isn't improvisation also a matter of transcribing other artists' music to absorb the "feel" and "time" they have?

The four advantages of the tonal point of view

Learning to think relative to the key of the music is the most important thing you can do to accelerate your music learning. This article explains four immediate benefits to your music practice from adopting the tonal point of view.

The relationship between technique and creativity

Instrument technique and improvisation are two practices that feed one another: we need technical skills to be able to express ourselves creatively, and when we improvise we put into practice and consolidate our technical skills.

Improvisation exercise with whole steps on the soprano sax

In this video Marina Vallet demonstrates the IFR Staircase exercise on the soprano saxophone using the interval of the whole step.

IFR improvisation exercise with the chromatic scale on trumpet

Alvar Monfort demonstrates the IFR 'Staircase' exercise on the trumpet with jazz phrasing.

IFR improvisation exercise 'Seven Worlds' on flute

For IFR students practicing Exercise 2: Melody, this is a demonstration of the exercise Seven Worlds in the 4th harmonic environment. Ferran Badal explores the harmonic environment on the alto flute.

IFR exercise "Seven Worlds Expanded" on clarinet

For IFR students practicing Exercise 3: Pure Harmony, this is a demonstration of the exercise Seven Worlds Expanded on the clarinet. Imma Udina demonstrates the exercise exploring the 4 chord in the modal range.

Cloud exercise for bass

In this free video lesson, I show you the first step in the IFR method for bass. The exercise is called "Cloud" and it teaches you to visualize all of the notes on the neck of your bass as one continuous chain of half steps.

Cloud exercise for guitar

In this free sample lesson from the IFR Video Course for Guitar, you will learn the very first step to developing complete freedom of movement on the guitar.

Piano for Non-Pianists 1

'Piano for Non-Pianists' is our free lesson series where everyone learns basic piano. This course teaches musicians of all instruments how they can expand their creative practice to include the piano.