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Ear training with ‘All of Me’

This is a practice video for Improvise for Real students who are studying the song ‘All of Me’ from IFR Standards Workout 1. In this video we will practice the IFR ear training exercise Melody Paths over the first two lines of the song. The chords are 1, 3D, 6D, 2-, and they last two measures each.

This is a great exercise to internalize the chords and train your ear to hear the chord notes in the progression. It will help you develop your own natural intuition about the flow of harmony across the chord changes, and improvise melodically from your imagination.

IFR Standards Workout 1Learn to improvise your own melodic solos over All of Me!

All of Me is one of five beautiful standards that you will learn in IFR Standards Workout 1 with backing tracks in all 12 keys.