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Q&A - Is there a "method" for using the major scale in a melodic way?

Hi David,

I am so enjoying your method. I am getting a good grasp of our musical system and I love creating my own music.

I am wondering if there is a "method" for using the major scale in a melodic way rather than playing the scale notes randomly? Thanks again for your excellent program.


David's response:

Hi Jack,

To compose beautiful melodies, you just need to discover for yourself the unique beauty of each note of our musical system. You need to fall in love with these sounds and notice your own favorite ways of moving between them. There's no method or formula for expressing yourself through music. Improvising is about playing the sounds that YOU most want to hear!

I think a big breakthrough for you will be when you begin to recognize these same sounds in the music all around you. This is when everything will come together for you, because you will begin to see the connection between the raw materials you're holding in your hands and all of that beautiful music that you've been enjoying all your life.

At this point you'll be able to improvise literally infinite melodies and never run out of ideas, because all you're really doing is shifting between the different kinds of pleasure that you experience at each note of the scale.

So my advice would be that instead of looking outside yourself for rules and formulas about how to use the major scale in a melodic way, I would encourage you to look inside yourself and focus your attention on your own enjoyment of the sounds. It's through this personal experience that you will learn to express the sounds that you imagine, and this is where your most beautiful melodies will come from.

Thanks for the great question!