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Melody Paths with the beautiful b7 chord

In this video we sing Melody Paths over a long chord progression which includes the beautiful b7 chord. All of the chords in this chord progression come directly from the key of the music except for the b7 chord and the 3D chord, which both introduce notes from outside the key.

This progression illustrates something very common in jazz and bossa nova music which is the surprising change from the b7 chord to the 7-b5 chord which brings us back into the key of the music. (Examples are the Miles Davis composition "Solar" and Jobim's bossa nova "Insensatez").

In long chord progressions like this, practicing the exercise Melody Paths can be especially helpful for internalizing the flow of the progression.

Mixed Harmony EssentialsImprovise over this chord progression!

You'll find this chord progression in lesson 15 of our IFR Jam Tracks Level 4: Mixed Harmony Essentials. In Mixed Harmony Essentials you will begin improvising over chords that use notes from outside the key of the music. This opens up a truly infinite palette of colors for your improvising, and it also enables you to create some of the most beautiful sounds in popular music.