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Melody Paths with 6-, 5D, 4, 3-

In this video we will sing Melody Paths together across the chord progression 6-, 5D, 4, 3-. This progression goes down in scale degrees, using only natural chords from the major scale, so we are not introducing any notes or chords from outside the key.

This is an especially fun progression to explore with Melody Paths because the chord notes of this progression will lead you to so many catchy melodies. But it's also a very intuitive progression for just playing by ear and letting your imagination wander.

Creativity is a very important component of ear training. To be able to recognize chords by ear, you need to know the chords like old friends. You need to immerse yourself in these sounds, contemplate them at your own pace and develop a deep familiarity with them. And you do that by jamming, playing, improvising, and being inside the chords not just with your instrument, but also with your voice.

Would you like to jam over this jam track with the 6-, 5D, 4, 3- chord progression? You'll find it in lesson 14 of our IFR Jam Tracks Level 3: Pure Harmony Advanced.