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Melody Paths with 1, 6-, 2-, 5D

This is a practice video for Improvise for Real students who want to understand and internalize the chord progression 1, 6-, 2-, 5D. First, we will understand the role of each chord in the progression, and then we will practice ear training with the Melody Paths exercise.

If you want to keep studying the 1 6 2 5 chord progression on your own, I suggest two activities:

1) Practice with IFR Jam Tracks Level 3: Lesson 8

Play and sing Melody Paths over the jam tracks in different keys, and improvise freely with all seven notes of the major scale.

2) Practice with the playlist of songs

Listen to the songs and follow the chord changes, trying to feel all the different sensations we talked about in the video. It's important to hear the chord changes in the context of real music and in different styles. Sing and play Melody Paths over the songs on the playlist.

Playlist of songs with 1, 6-, 2-, 5D:

- Sherry by The Four Seasons (verse only)
- Perfidia by The Ventures or Nat King Cole (verse only)
- Contract on Love by Stevie Wonder
- Give Me Novacaine by Green Day (verse only)
- Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen (in minute 1:37 they change the key, but the chords are still 1 6- 2- 5D just transposed to the new key)
- Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys
- You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson (verse only)
- Mercy Mercy Me by Marvin Gaye (skip intro - verse only - every chord lasts two measures)
- Heart and Soul version by Larry Clinton and His Orchestra (skip intro - verse only)

To listen to this playlist on Spotify, you can click here.

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