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Visualizing the tonal map on the trumpet

I have been practicing the IFR exercises for half a year and it's great how I am progressing! One of my obstacles is that I still imagine notes and lines from a music staff, instead of the numbers of the chord notes as you describe in your exercises. Is there any way to switch from one image to the other?

IFR exercise "Staircase" for trumpet

Alvar Montfort demonstrates the IFR 'Staircase' exercise on the trumpet with jazz phrasing.

Difficulty starting from note 2

In Exercise 2: Melody, I find it difficult to play a scale starting on note 2 or any other note besides note 1. I can sight read most things, but starting on anything other than note 1 is problematic. Please help.

IFR exercise "Seven Worlds Expanded" on trumpet

For IFR students practicing Exercise 3: Pure Harmony, this is a demonstration of the exercise Seven Worlds Expanded on the trumpet. Marc Mena demonstrates the exercise exploring the 2 chord in the modal range.

Q&A - Should I wait to get my trumpet chops back?

I was a pretty decent trumpet player in high school and college but laid it down after college. Now, 35 years later, I've picked it up again. Is IFR something I can use and enjoy now or should I wait to get my chops back in shape before trying it?