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Video course vs. chord melody workshop?

Hi David,

I'm just getting started in IFR. Can you explain the difference between the IFR Video Course for Guitar and the IFR Chord Melody Workshop? Which one should I take first?


David's response:

Hi Tony,

IFR Video Course for GuitarI'll be happy to explain the difference between these two courses. First let me clarify one thing that they both have in common, which is that both courses are open to complete beginners in the IFR method. So you are welcome to take either course in any order you like, and you could even do both courses simultaneously if you want to. Both courses are based on the IFR method so they complement each other perfectly.

What's different about them is that the IFR Video Course for Guitar is an introduction to improvising itself with the IFR method. You'll be learning about chords and harmony with a focus is on soloing. So there is a lot of playing over jam tracks, improvising your own solos and learning to express the sounds that you imagine.

IFR Chord Melody Workshop 1Meanwhile in my Chord Melody Workshop we'll be working with both chords and melodies simultaneously. So rather than improvising solos over jam tracks, you'll be creating all of the music yourself on the guitar. You'll be improvising melodies freely while also accompanying these melodies by chords and bass notes, and I'll lead you through a very complete methodology for learning to manage both melody and harmony at the same time. 

Both courses are easy to follow and both of them will give you a great foundation in understanding harmony and improvisation. So you can just choose whichever course fits the way you would most enjoy playing your guitar over the next few months. If you're more attracted to improvising single-note melody lines and solos over jam tracks, then the IFR Video Course for Guitar would be ideal for you. But if you're more attracted to improvising on the guitar in totally unaccompanied, chord melody style, then you should join our chord melody group!