Feeling the Rhythm

Feeling the Rhythm

Learn to improvise with more rhythmic creativity in this 10-week online workshop. Includes video lessons, jam tracks, homework assignments, personal feedback and coaching.


Feeling the Rhythm - Workshop starts April 15, 2022

Would you like to be able to use rhythm as an emotional device in your playing and as a creative vehicle in your melodic improvisations? Would you like to learn a rhythmical vocabulary that helps you feel the beats and offbeats? Do you believe that cultivating your inner drummer will help you create music you've never played before? Do you wish to master the relationship between pulse, rhythm and timing?

In my 10 week online group workshop 'Feeling the Rhythm' I will show you how the smallest amount of melodic material has the potential of infinite variation through rhythmic manipulation of the material. With step-by-step video lessons and my personal coaching you will learn how to connect to popular music and jazz from the perspective of rhythm. And you will learn a rhythmical vocabulary that will enable you to use rhythm as an emotional device and to keep growing this ability for the rest of your life.

Open to all melodic instruments

Rhythm is for everybody! This workshop is open to all instruments. You can participate either when you have just started improvising your own melodies in the major scale, or when you are already comfortable improvising over chord progressions. Through video lessons, audio practice tracks, music playlists, weekly assignments and my personal feedback and coaching, you will discover the creative possibilities of rhythm and the emotional impact of timing. We will practice mainly with IFR Jam Tracks Level 3: Pure Harmony Advanced.

Note: For this workshop you need to feel comfortable improvising your own melodies with the major scale. If you are completely new to the IFR method or to improvising, I'd recommend you to take my workshop Introduction to Melodic Improvising first before signing up for this workshop.

10 weekly video lessons - yours to keep forever

You will receive a new video lesson every week, with very clear homework assignments so you know exactly what to practice. You will explore the creative rhythmic possibilities jamming along with audio tracks. You will learn a rhythmical vocabulary that will help you practice rhythm without your instrument and become more rhythmic yourself. The course contains many audio practice tracks as well as many repertoire examples.

Immediate benefits to your playing:

  • Understand how to merge your timing to music and to other musicians.
  • Learn how the smallest amount of melodic material has the potential of infinite variation through rhythmic manipulation of the material.
  • Develop a rhythmic vocabulary that helps you get away from mathematical counting and feel the beats, offbeats and other subdivisions of the beat.
  • Discover the multiple interpretations - including your own - of swing feel.
  • Learn how to compose your own music without jam tracks from the perspective of rhythm.
  • Learn how to create rhythmical tension and release by - for instance - playing swing against straight, straight against swing or alternate between rhythmic and rubato playing.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the rhythmical ingredients of jazz and popular music.

Collaborative learning and personal feedback

You will take this workshop in a group. The group is a source of motivation and inspiration and for some students even the main reason to practice and stay on track. You can ask questions, exchange ideas and listen to each other's recordings of the exercises. It's sometimes even the beginning of long-lasting musical friendships.

We will work from an easy accessible private online classroom (LearningStone) where the entire group of students can get together to exchange ideas, ask questions and share recordings of their practice. Your privacy will be respected and everything you share will stay inside the classroom.

Throughout the entire course, I will answer your questions and listen to the recordings of your practicing if you like, in order to give you personalized advice and ideas to explore in your practicing.

Testimonials from past students

"I absolutely love the course. I’m learning tons and am using it in my playing." - Joe Schultz (guitar, United States)

"What a great course! It's easily a 10 for me. My goal is reached, thanks Jelske for an amazing workshop." - Tony Farrell (trumpet, United Kingdom)

"I am very happy with the progress I have made in my awareness and in applying different rhythms. Thank you Jelske for the great course and your quality as an inspiring teacher." - Nancy Tonk (saxophone, Netherlands)

Pricing and scheduling

  • Course begins Friday, April 15, 2022. (You don't have to be available on this Friday. You can watch the video lessons anytime and participate during the week.)
  • 10 week online course runs from April 15 through June 24, 2022.
  • Total cost = $300.
  • Price includes all course materials (lesson videos, practice tracks, etc.) as well as my personal feedback on your recordings, plus unlimited access to our student community.

Self-study option also available

Would you prefer to take the course "Feeling the Rhythm" on your own? You can start right away, using the video tutorials along with IFR Jam Tracks Level 3: Pure Harmony Advanced. To receive the video tutorials for "Feeling the Rhythm", please write to me directly at: jelske@improviseforreal.com. The total price for the self-study course is $90. (Plus $24 for IFR Jam Tracks Level 3: Pure Harmony Advanced if you don't already have it). Please note that in this option personal feedback is not included.

We invite you to join us!

If you have any questions about the workshop, just send me an e-mail at jelske@improviseforreal.com and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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