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Ear training with Summertime

This is an ear training practice video for Improvise for Real students who are studying the song Summertime from IFR Standards Workout 2. In this video we will explore not only the chord notes to this song but also some very beautiful melodic notes outside the chords.

What are all those circles for?

I'm intrigued by your harmonic analysis with circles around some numbers. I would like to kindly ask why are those numbers put in circles?

Song for My Father, part 1

Horace Silver's classic "Song for My Father" is a perfect song for beginning improvisers because the entire song is made from just four chords. In this four-part lesson series you will learn to improvise your own solos over the entire form.

Harmonic analysis of Infant Eyes

This special lesson for advanced IFR students offers a complete harmonic analysis of Wayne Shorter's beautiful composition "Infant Eyes".

Chord progression to 'Autumn Leaves'

In this video I analyze the harmony of the A section of ‘Autumn Leaves’ using the IFR Tonal Map. You will learn to see the chord functions, the flow of tension and release, the circle of fifths and the beautiful melodic paths that you can use in your improvising.

12-bar blues ear training

This is a practice video where we sing together the exercise Melody Paths from the Improvise for Real method, over a major 12-bar blues chord progression.

Song for My Father, part 2

In this lesson we will explore the second chord that appears in Song for My Father. It's called the 5D chord (pronounced "five dominant chord"). You will learn to improvise over this chord and to create this sound in your music.

Song for My Father, part 3

In this lesson you will learn to improvise over the 4D chord (pronounced "four dominant chord"). This is the first chord that contains a note from outside the key of the music, so you'll see how we approach these chords in IFR.

Song for My Father, part 4

Our fourth and final lesson on Song for My Father covers the 3D chord and gives you the complete chord progression to the song. The lesson includes a free IFR jam track to practice improvising over the entire song.