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One of Us

The Joan Osborne song "One of Us" (written by Eric Bazilian) is one of countless songs made from just the four foundational chords that we study in IFR Jam Tracks Level 2: Pure Harmony Essentials.

Harmonic analysis of Ain't Misbehavin'

The opening line of Fats Waller's classic Ain't Misbehavin' gives us an opportunity to understand one of the most common uses of diminished chords, and how to create these sounds in our own improvisations.

What are all those circles for?

I'm intrigued by your harmonic analysis with circles around some numbers. I would like to kindly ask why are those numbers put in circles?

12-bar blues ear training

This is a practice video where we sing together the exercise Melody Paths from the Improvise for Real method, over a major 12-bar blues chord progression.


The haunting verse to John Lennon's "Imagine" is based on a simple alternation between the 1 chord and the 4 chord.



This song uses one of the coolest sounds in modern pop music which is the movement from the 6- chord to the 2D chord.

Losing My Religion

The melancholy angst captured in this song is a lesson in the incredible diversity of emotions that we can express with just the seven notes of the major scale.

I Won't Back Down

This entire song is made from just the four chords that we study in IFR Jam Tracks Level 2: Pure Harmony Essentials.

High and Dry

If you ever struggle for inspiration in your composing, check out this beautiful song that Radiohead created with just three chords from the major scale.

Free Fallin'

This great song is an incredible example of what powerful songwriting can do with just three chords.