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IFR video lesson: 'Follow your Voice' for horn players

The IFR exercise "Follow your Voice" is something we normally practice on a keyboard so that we can sing the notes as we play them. But in this video I'll show you a great variation on this exercise that you can practice with your saxophone.

IFR improvisation exercise 'Seven Worlds' on cello

For IFR students practicing Exercise 2: Melody, this is a demonstration of Seven Worlds on the cello. Leticia Aparicio builds the 6th harmonic environment note by note, visualizing each step along the way using the IFR Tonal Map.

Mobility, part 2 (whole steps)

In this lesson, I show you how just a small alteration to the Mobility technique allows you to move all over the neck of your bass by whole steps. Once you've mastered both half steps and whole steps, you're ready to jump into IFR Exercise 2: Melody.

The IFR Tonal Map

In this free sample lesson from the IFR Video Course for Guitar, you will learn the concept of the IFR Tonal Map and you will learn to build it anywhere on the fretboard.

Piano for Non-Pianists 4

In this lesson you'll learn to control the tonal center in your music, allowing you to create the seven harmonic environments of the major scale.

IFR improvisation exercise Seven Worlds Expanded on alto sax

For IFR students practicing Exercise 3: Pure Harmony, this is a demonstration of the exercise Seven Worlds Expanded on the alto saxophone. Ivan Edwards demonstrates the exercise exploring the 5 chord in the unlimited range.

How to compose bass riffs on the spot?

I play in a blues band and quite often I need to compose bass riffs spontaneously to support the guitarist. How can I get better at doing this?

Introduction to chord melody on guitar

In this lesson I demonstrate what chord melody technique is and how it will enrich both your soloing and your accompanying. I also teach you the first step to building a complete chord melody technique on the guitar.

Piano for Non-Pianists 5

In this lesson you'll learn one of the keys to creating beautiful melodies, which is to notice the feelings of tension or relaxation produced by each note of the harmonic environment.

Studying chord progressions with the IFR Tonal Map

In this excerpt from the IFR workshop Introduction to Melodic Improvising, Jelske demonstrates how to use the IFR Tonal Map to study any chord progression.