How to build a strong sense of tonal orientation

Hi David,

When I'm practicing Seven Worlds, sometimes I lose my tonal orientation and I can't feel the note that is supposed to be acting as the tonal center. So for example note 2 doesn't feel like 'home' anymore. Instead my ear keeps on wanting to resolve to note 1.

Do you have any tips for learning to hear the different environments?

Thanks a lot!

David's response:

Hi Michiel,

Absolutely. This is what the IFR Jam Tracks will do for you. They allow you to hear the full harmonic environment in the background so that you can clearly feel the tonal center and you can perceive each note you're playing in its proper harmonic context. We designed IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven Worlds to do exactly this.

IFR Jam Tracks Level 1: Seven WorldsYour experience with losing the sensation of the different tonal centers is perfectly normal at first. You're still just getting to know the harmonic environments yourself, so how can you also be responsible for keeping these harmonic environments alive in your own music while you're practicing? This is why it's so helpful to work with jam tracks in the beginning.

Through this experience with the jam tracks, you will get to know the sensation of each harmonic environment and you'll learn to feel each note as a tonal center. You just need some time to experience the sounds in their proper tonal context so that you can get to know all of these sensations for yourself.

Soloing over the jam tracks is also a lot of fun. So take advantage of this great resource! It will really accelerate your ear training and help you learn to feel all of these different harmonic environments.

Happy jamming,