12-bar blues ear training

This is a practice video where we sing together the exercise Melody Paths from the Improvise for Real method, over a major 12-bar blues chord progression.

We are going to use a jam track from lesson 6 of the IFR Blues Mastery Course. If you are following this course, you can use this video as a singing warm-up before improvising with your instrument over the jam tracks. This singing exercise will help you learn to hear the chord changes melodically, meaning that you'll learn hear the beautiful chord notes that are available to you at each moment in your improvising.

IFR Blues Mastery CourseIFR Blues Mastery Course

Even if you are a complete beginner to the blues, this course will give you everything you need to truly master blues harmony and enjoy improvising over the blues. Learning to play the blues will enrich every aspect of your playing, and it will give you countless opportunities for creative jamming with other musicians. To get this course, please click here.