Ear Training for Musical Creativity

Ear Training for Musical Creativity

Imagine being able to listen to a song and recognize every note of the melody by ear. What would that do for your musical creativity and improvising? In this video course you will learn how to develop this ability, adding a whole new creative dimension to your improvising.


Ear Training for Musical Creativity

Imagine being able to listen to a song and recognize every note of the melody by ear. What would that do for your musical creativity and improvising? In this video course you will learn how to develop this ability, adding a whole new creative dimension to your improvising.

I believe that this course will be one of those "before and after" moments in your life, changing the way you think about music and opening many new doors for you creatively. Through step-by-step video lessons, audio practice tracks and creative exercises, you'll learn to recognize the sounds in the music all around you and to play songs and melodies by ear.

Open to everyone - Beginners welcome!

Everyone can learn to understand music by ear. You just need an organized path and the right guidance. The key to success with ear training is to study the sounds in a musical context, taking advantage of your own natural ability to feel and enjoy music. You don't need dry academic technical exercises. You just need the opportunity to get to know each sound of our musical system for yourself and discover its unique beauty. This is exactly what we do in this video course.

Immediate benefits to your playing:

  • Recognize melodies by ear and play them in any key on your instrument without having to fumble for the notes.
  • Play along with friends at jam sessions and find the notes of any song on your instrument.
  • Play directly from your musical imagination when you are improvising, expressing the sounds you hear in your mind.
  • Learn to orient yourself by ear in the key of the music when you are jamming with other musicians.
  • Engage in a true dialogue with other soloists, responding to their musical ideas and interacting musically with them.

How is this course different from other ear training programs?

Experiencing the sounds as music. Every step of the way, you'll be hearing the sounds in the context of beautiful songs and melodies. So the connection to real music is very present right from the start. This is one of the biggest complaints that musicians have about other ear training programs. They get better at identifying random intervals in the context of a quiz, but they still can't recognize anything in the songs they hear on the radio. So it's important to hear all of these beautiful sounds in the context of actual music, and that's what we do in this course.

Using your own natural ability. It's not about developing "perfect pitch" or any other unusual ability. This is something everyone can do. If I were to sing the melody to your favorite song, you would recognize that melody right away. And if I were to sing a wrong note somewhere in that melody, you would recognize that too. What this means is that you already feel the difference between all of the different notes of our musical system. You just don't know which sound is which. All you need is an organized path that lets you clarify these sensations one by one so that you finally understand which note of our musical system produces each of those beautiful sensations that you already know and love.

Jamming with the sounds. In addition to the singing and listening exercises, you'll also be improvising with the same sounds on your instrument over backing tracks that I will give you. This creative jamming with the sounds is essential because it allows you to explore the sounds on your own, combining them into melodies and expressing your own musical ideas with them. This will give you the same mastery of music that you have with your own spoken language, which you can both speak and understand effortlessly.

Complete multimedia video course - 10 progressive units

Total flexibility

This course is divided into 10 units of progressive difficulty. Each unit will teach you the next level of our ear training practice. This progressive system is the key to your success because each unit introduces just one new sound for you to enjoy and master. But these abilities stack up very quickly, and by the end of the course you'll be able to recognize all seven notes of the major scale by ear in the music all around you.

Video lessons, audio lessons, creative exercises, song analysis and self-tests

  • Video lessons. We'll explore the sounds together and I'll show you the important things to notice about each sound.
  • Audio lessons. These singalong tracks use beautiful songs and melodies to teach you the notes of our musical system.
  • Creative exploration. You'll be jamming with your instrument over backing tracks to explore the sounds creatively.
  • Singing exercises. You'll have a chance to practice singing the sounds on your own over special practice tracks.
  • Song analysis. Special bonus video lessons where we analyze famous songs together and identify the notes of the melodies.
  • Self-tests. Special audio tracks to practice recognizing notes by ear in an easy, progressive way.

10 main video lessons

Song analysis videos

Supplemental lessons

What students say about this course:

"Truly, this course was transformational. I have received more musical growth from this course than any other book, course, or class I have ever taken. I now understand the way music WORKS in a very practical way. This has enabled me to play songs in ANY key and to be able to play songs without looking at the notes at all. It has cleared up pitch problems in my singing. When I say transformational, I do mean that! I give Mireia and this course the highest rating I could possibly give."
Karla Huntsman (voice and piano, United States)

"Ear Training for Musical Creativity was like rocket fuel for my musicality. This course helped me take a huge step toward my goal of letting music flow through me."
Tim M. (guitar, United States)

"Mireia is an excellent teacher who makes ear training enjoyable, even fun! The material is superbly paced, with steady consolidation, reinforcement and development from multiple angles. This course has produced very noticeable improvements in my understanding and given me a real boost in confidence."
David Wright (guitar and Chapman Stick, Scotland)

Learn from a professional musician and experienced teacher

IFR instructor Mireia

Mireia Clua is a professional violinist based in New York City and the co-founder of Improvise for Real. Mireia is the creator of the entire IFR ear training program including our "Sing the Numbers" audio course. She created all of the learning materials for this course and also her follow-on course "Recognizing Chords by Ear". She has personally taught hundreds of IFR students in live workshops, and she has more than 20 years of experience teaching music to both children and adults. Mireia is especially focused on creating a safe learning environment where each student feels respected, nurtured and encouraged.

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