IFR video lesson: How to master harmony

In this video I'll teach you an organized system for mastering harmony using our three integrated creative practices: improvising, composing and listening. These three practices work together to create spiral learning, in which each activity accelerates your mastery of the others.

If you study music in this way, you will gain a solid foundation in harmony at the same time you develop both your ear and your creativity.

Three integrated creative practices

Improvising. The first step to mastering any new chord concept is to improvise freely with the sounds so you can really get to know them. The IFR Jam Tracks series is ideal for this because it leads you step-by-step through all of the chords of our musical system in a logical, organized way.

Composing. Another great practice for getting to know these chords is to compose your own chord progressions with them. The "hands-on" experience of creating your own music with these raw materials is the fastest way to truly understand these chords and make them your own. Here again the IFR Jam Tracks series will give you many inspiring ideas.

Listening. The third pillar of our creative practice is to learn to discover these sounds in the music of other people. Here is a fantastic listening activity that will help you make the connection to recognizing these sounds in the music all around you.