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Sing the Numbers 1: The IFR Tonal Map

Our audio course that teaches you to recognize musical notes by ear.


Sing the Numbers 1: The IFR Tonal Map

Sing the Numbers is our audio course that teaches you to recognize musical notes by ear. The course takes you on a guided tour through the sounds of our musical system, using beautiful songs and melodies that were specifically designed to train your ear.

Artistic ear training for creative improvisers

In IFR we understand that your sensitivity and your love of music are your greatest gifts as an improviser. And so your ear training program should also be artistic and beautiful.

Sing the Numbers uses beautiful songs and melodies to teach you about music. Through this process you'll learn to recognize the sounds in the music all around you, and you'll learn to express the sounds you imagine on your instrument.

Five powerful benefits to your improvising:

  • Play the music inside you. A huge benefit of understanding music by ear is that it allows you to play directly from your musical imagination, expressing the sounds you hear in your mind directly on your instrument.
  • Understand songs by ear. Another benefit of learning to understand music by ear is that you can understand any song just by listening to it, and you can immediately play this song in any key on your instrument.
  • Find the key of any song. If you can recognize the sounds of our musical system by ear, it's very easy to find the key of any song by ear and jam right along.
  • Engage in musical dialogue. Understanding music by ear also allows you to engage in a true dialogue with other soloists. For example you can repeat what they just played, riffing on these ideas together.
  • Recognize chord progressions by ear. Since chords are made up of notes, recognizing these notes by ear gives you a huge advantage in learning to recognize entire chord progressions by ear as well.

How it works

All you have to do is play the audio tracks and sing along. There are no exams, testing or drills. The course takes you on a guided tour of our musical system, letting you experience each beautiful sound for yourself. Each melody is presented in IFR tonal numbers. After listening to the melody, you'll sing the same melody back in tonal numbers.

Here are some samples from the course:

Track 3

Track 12

Track 18

22 lessons in all

We have designed what we believe is the best possible ear training course for creative improvisers, using beautiful melodies that become progressively more complex as you advance through the course.

We encourage you to spend as much time as you need with each audio track. This isn't the kind of work that you finish and check off your list. It's more like a virtual world for you to explore. And the more time you spend in that world, the more you'll come to understand it.

Download the complete course today

The entire course is available as an electronic download for just $24. All audio tracks are mp3 files which you can play on any computer, smartphone or mp3 player. You can also play the audio tracks online at our website, and all materials are yours to keep forever.

Just click on the “Add to cart” button to purchase IFR Sing the Numbers for $24. You can make your purchase with any major credit card and download the entire collection immediately after your purchase.